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About Us

The Murphys is a Mississippi based gospel group comprised of a father and daughter vocalist duet, Jay and Abigail Murphy, and keyboardist Mark Anderton.  Our focus is ministry first and music second.  Our mission is to bring glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ where ever we allowed to go.  We want all our songs to be a solid gospel message and all our lyrics to be doctrinally sound.

We pray the Lord will speak to you through the songs the Lord has blessed us with.  We are just His servants singing His praises…not because of who we are, but because of who He is.

The Murphys have been blessed to perform at:

    * The Mississippi State Capital

    * The Mississippi Gospel Jubilee

    * Revival Efforts

    * Youth Events

    * Festival Celebrations



Raised on a farm outside of Carthage MS, Jay went to church all his young life with his parents.  Jay began to love music at an early age as well.  He played with several musicians around town, in talent shows and various events locally during high school and college.

Jay met his future wife (Sherrie) in college and they were married shortly after college.  He rededicated his life to the Lord around age 20.  During this time Jay met Mark Anderton through a mutual friend and this began their musical journey.

Most of his adult life has been centered around church.  In 1994 he became a youth leader.  In 1996 he surrendered to the call to the ministry and began his first pastorate in 1999.  Jay approaches this music ministry with the same desire of obedience toward his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He recognizes that while he loves to share the songs the Lord has given him, his foremost duty is to share the wonderful good news of the saving gospel of his Lord.



Abigail, born into a preacher's family, has grown up in church.  Her dad (Jay) got her on stage to sing with him in church as soon as she was old enough to carry a tune in a bucket.  If her dad got up to sing a song she didn't know, she would cry until he would pick her up and let her join him while he sang.

Abigail's parents (Jay & Sherrie) has homeschooled her since Pre-K.  The biggest day in this homeschooler's life took place several years ago...she got saved.  Since then her love for Christ has grown and is evident in her gentle and giving nature as evidenced in her church and local missions work.

In early 2017, while Abigail's grandmother's cancer was worsening, Abigail wrote her first song (He's Here).  Her dad quickly recorded a soundtrack and she began singing it.  In fact, several times they were invited to sing because of her and her song.  After they worked up her song, Jay began to work her into any singing opportunity he had (specials, youth events, celebrations, etc.).  This gradual move into a duet with her father has led her to where she is today, singing in a gospel group and being a larger part of ministry.




Born into a musically talented family, Mark’s love for music began early in his life.  Conservative Christian values were instilled from his parents, as he grew up in a pastor’s home. He was saved at an early age under his father’s ministry. Mark began taking piano lessons in the early 80’s and by his jr high as high school years was playing for his father to sing in church.  He and his father also played and sung at many small convention-type singings. Although many of the piano lessons focused on classical style music, there were always hymns involved in the learning process.

By his late high school years, Mark was playing as a “back-up” for the church pianist and almost always played for the Christmas cantata as the sole accompanist.

As college began, Mark got his first “job” playing as the church pianist.
This is where he met Jay Murphy. The two of them kept in touch and formed a couple different Christian music cover bands together.
Mark went on to become the Minister of Music at this church. Since then, Mark has moved on and has played and performed at many other venues, for several other churches, for another band, and accompanied  other singers for their performances.

Mark is now the pianist at another church and has come full circle back to playing and recording music with his friend Jay Murphy.



And then there's Sherrie.

She's not on the cover because she doesn't stand on stage, play an instrument or sing in the group.  However, if you're hearing them sing live...she's the one making them sound good.  She also has the difficult job of keeping Jay and Abigail straight.  She's a good good woman!

All jokes aside, Sherrie is an integral part of the group and she wears many hats...metaphorically speaking.  We couldn't do it without her.

Sherrie is also a preacher's daughter.  She was raised in church and a conservative Christian home.  She met Jay in college and has been a tremendous support to him and the ministry all along the way.

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