Born into a musically talented family, Mark’s love for music began early in his life.  Conservative Christian values were instilled from his parents, as he grew up in a pastor’s home. He was saved at an early age under his father’s ministry. Mark began taking piano lessons in the early 80’s and by his jr high as high school years was playing for his father to sing in church.  He and his father also played and sung at many small convention-type singings. Although many of the piano lessons focused on classical style music, there were always hymns involved in the learning process.

By his late high school years, Mark was playing as a “back-up” for the church pianist and almost always played for the Christmas cantata as the sole accompanist.

As college began, Mark got his first “job” playing as the church pianist.
This is where he met Jay Murphy. The two of them kept in touch and formed a couple different Christian music cover bands together.
Mark went on to become the Minister of Music at this church. Since then, Mark has moved on and has played and performed at many other venues, for several other churches, for another band, and accompanied  other singers for their performances.

Mark is now the pianist at another church and has come full circle back to playing and recording music with his friend Jay Murphy.