Raised on a farm outside of Carthage MS, Jay went to church all his young life with his parents.  Jay began to love music at an early age as well.  He played with several musicians around town, in talent shows and various events locally during high school and college.

Jay met his future wife (Sherrie) in college and they were married shortly after college.  He rededicated his life to the Lord around age 20.  During this time Jay met Mark Anderton through a mutual friend and this began their musical journey.

Most of his adult life has been centered around church.  In 1994 he became a youth leader.  In 1996 he surrendered to the call to the ministry and began his first pastorate in 1999.  Jay approaches this music ministry with the same desire of obedience toward his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He recognizes that while he loves to share the songs the Lord has given him, his foremost duty is to share the wonderful good news of the saving gospel of his Lord.