Abigail, born into a preacher's family, has grown up in church.  Her dad (Jay) got her on stage to sing with him in church as soon as she was old enough to carry a tune in a bucket.  If her dad got up to sing a song she didn't know, she would cry until he would pick her up and let her join him while he sang.

Abigail's parents (Jay & Sherrie) has homeschooled her since Pre-K.  The biggest day in this homeschooler's life took place several years ago...she got saved.  Since then her love for Christ has grown and is evident in her gentle and giving nature as evidenced in her church and local missions work.

In early 2017, while Abigail's grandmother's cancer was worsening, Abigail wrote her first song (He's Here).  Her dad quickly recorded a soundtrack and she began singing it.  In fact, several times they were invited to sing because of her and her song.  After they worked up her song, Jay began to work her into any singing opportunity he had (specials, youth events, celebrations, etc.).  This gradual move into a duet with her father has led her to where she is today, singing in a gospel group and being a larger part of ministry.